What are the cyber safety tips that every parent should know?

You could be one of those parents whose child is constantly attached to their computers and phones. Therefore, you may be interested in tips to keep them safe. Furthermore, parents feel caught up with new threats and dangers that could make it overwhelming to keep track of their child’s development.


To give a better understanding to your children and be safe, it is important to communicate clearly and make them aware of rules. You can also ask them for the applications and websites they visit and software they use on a daily basis. Some of the internet advice are mentioned below which may promote a positive environment for you and your children.

  • Keep your child company – Most of the time, extracurricular activities are taught my parents to their children, which could make it more enjoyable. Same can be applied when it comes to introducing your child to the internet. You might even introduce your child by yourself to technologies in a broader sense. In this case, you could even share your positive and negative experience with your children.
  • Set certain rules – When it comes to behaving in the internet, children may not be aware of any boundaries and rules. This could prevent them from taking their best approach when communicating strangers on the internet. Hence, it is good to create your own internet or device rules and ensure that your children adhere to them. Some of the rules may include a tech-free zone and screen time.
  • Encourage privacy – It is important to teach and encourage your child to keep personal information private when going online. Some of the personal information which your child should be careful about and not disclose includes real name, address, contact number and password. This is especially important because once the information is out there on the internet; it can be extremely difficult or even impossible to keep in control. For added privacy protection, you can setup Norton Antivirus from Norton setup
  • Prevent the child from meeting online friends – This may seem obvious at first but in many case people especially children meet their online stranger-friends in person. Most children think these meetings to be a good idea and even go at length by calling their friends to their home. However, for safety reason and to prevent any unpleasant experience, you should inform your child to not meet strangers that they have known online. As an alternative, your child can be accompanied by you or an adult that you trust.
  • Promote discussion – Children may face any issues while surfing the internet and might feel natural to consult with you. Hence, it is critical to be open to discuss any content they could come across. You should educate both you and your children to ensure maximum safety. In addition, you should make the right assessment of any problems that you might encounter in life and find a proper solution.
  • Social Media information – Many social media platforms require users to be at least 13 years of age. There can also be an alternative option for younger children with permission from their parents. You are recommended to go through the privacy settings of such website and analyze whether there are any risks involved for your child. When posting updates or status, there is also the tendency of apps to broadcast the user’s location. To prevent this from happening, you may set the highest level of privacy for your child.
  • Educate critical thinking – It is important to know that everything you read on the web might not be true. Especially with the rise of fake-news, you should educate your child to think critically. You should also teach your children to differentiate between genuine and misinformation online.

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What are the cyber safety tips that every parent should know?
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