How Should You Safely Dispose of Your Old Computer?

When you are unhappy with the performance of your old computer, you might find it easier to get a new one. Whether it is PC or Mac, when saying goodbye to the old system, you should ensure that it does end up simply being garbage. Getting a new computer also gives you the opportunity to utilize the latest advancements in both hardware and software. In addition, you might also get a little push in processing power. can be used to protect your computer from viruses, malware, and cyber criminals.

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However, it is not recommended to simply dumping your old system, especially when it comes to the security of your personal data. Your old computer contains a lot of your personal and financial information, even after a complete format. In some cases, without clean wipe-out, it will have your internet search history, home network log in details, and user accounts.

There are a few rules that you should follow to ensure that you get the work done properly. Once you decide to purchase a new computer, make sure that your data has been securely backed up and moved to the new device. Norton NU16 can easily detect and remove both known and emerging threats from your devices as quickly as possible.

1. Back up your data – Generally, there are a lot of data on your computer that is important for your daily work. This data includes everything from pictures, personal and work documents. Fortunately, with multiple programs out there, the task to transfer your data to a new computer is not challenging. Some of the options include buying an external hard drive, a USB drive, or get a cloud service. After this, you can manually transfer your files by connecting to your new machine.

2. Wipe your data – When you store your personal data by maintaining the backup, it is simply the initial step for the complete transformation to your new system. To prevent your data from getting into wrong hands, you should definitely erase, or wipe data from your old machine. One of the common methods for that among most individuals is factory reset. This puts your computer into its original state when it was purchased from a store. It can still leave the cyber criminals with the ability to retain your data and misuse it for their own benefits.

Therefore, to ensure maximum safety, you should use utility software like Eraser and completely remove your sensitive data. These programs use carefully selected patterns to make it harder for others to gain unauthorized access to your data.

3. Sell your computer – Once you are done with the above two processes, it is time to figure out what you want to do with your system. It is not recommended to throw in away in the trash which can have a negative impact on the environment. One of the best choices would be to sell or donate your old computer. can help you to manage your Norton subscription and protect your digital life.

There are many options available such as eBay and Craigslist. If you are not interested in earning extra income, you could also recycle the parts for your new machine. There are also many companies which might do the recycle job for you. Furthermore, you may even donate them your computer to be used by in library or schools.

How Should You Safely Dispose of Your Old Computer?

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