Norton Setup – Uninstall And Reinstall Norton Setup –

Norton Setup – Uninstall And Reinstall Norton Setup –

Norton software detects all the viruses and harmful files in your systems and timely alerts you that you virus files may harm your sensitive data. You can choose the cleaning process after scanning to clean the viruses from your systems. The software also enhances the productivity of the system and also its timely scanning keep it up-to-date as per user’s preferences.

Are you having some trouble during re-installation process of the in Mac or PC? Read the step by step solution of uninstall & reinstall norton setup for Mac & PC. Norton software designed to protect the system from outer and inner viruses harms, but sometime the running version raise some technical errors which need remove the software once in your system and install again for better use.

Steps of how to uninstall and reinstall norton setup (Mac or PC)

Go through with the steps to know that how to complete the process of re-installation of the norton antivirus software without facing any technical issue during the completing of entire process. Here we are sharing manual and automated process using software steps of uninstall and reinstall process of the norton setup, you may choose the process as per your preferences.

Manual process:

  • For uninstall the norton setup from your system, you need to choose the option of uninstall from the software settings and need to complete few steps to processing the procedure of un-installation.
  • To reinstall the norton setup, you need to uninstall it first from your system. For that purpose you have to delete all the norton setup files from your Mac or PC. Because for reinstall process if any old file present in the PC, it interrupts with the new files and it creates technical errors.
  • After deleting old files from your system, then download the norton software from online trusted websites and make sure that the files never carry any hidden malware files with the norton setup.
  • Then, click on the setup and start the installation process make sure, you have read all the steps instructed to complete the process hassle free manner.
  • Then, after installation in the last step of the process, it asks your details to start the trial duration of the software.
  • And after completion of the details, you will be able to use the software trial version.

You can activation the software using the paid product key to make sure that you will get the full access of the software.

Automated process using software via

You can also download the norton from to remove and reinstall tool in your system to automate the process of uninstall and reinstall. When you install this tool in your system, the icon of NRnR shown in your desktop, double click on the icon to open the software window. It shows a pop-up click on agree checkbox to proceed further steps. Then an option of remove & reinstall shown in your screen click on that option and if your software provided by some service provider online remove option shown on the screen. When you click on that your PC will restart automatically & after that an option of reinstall software shown on your window. Follow the steps and complete the uninstall & reinstall norton setup for Mac & PC process without any hassle.

You can choose the process of uninstall & reinstall norton setup which you can use without any hassles. Both process works for you but if we see the manual process it takes more time than automated process using software. SO, if you want to save your time you have to go with the automated process. If you still find any query to uninstall and reinstall norton setup then you can visit website.

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