Norton software new 22.16.4 update for Windows is now live!

Norton product provider keep their software versions updated and launched new updates timely to keep their rely of the customers as same as of now. Recently norton software has launched a new update for windows users. The name of the launched version is Norton software 22.16.4 update.


The norton software users can find their version for their windows operating systems from the norton official website. This update of the norton products launched with the phased manner and also supports all languages. And if you want to download it for your system visit the norton LiveUpdate user interface The updates done for the norton products such as: 

  • Norton Security
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Norton 360
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Norton Security Online

All the above norton products updated with the new versions of the norton. To performs the norton update in your systems, you need to verify your and then you will get the norton software 22.16.4 update.

You can check your update on help>> my account where it shows all details about your norton software.

Here some common questions make you understand about the software more and also these are frequently asked questions with answers to make sure that you will know everything about the software before updating it for your windows operating system.

  • What is the version number of the norton software latest pitch?

The version number of this pitch is norton security 22.16.4.

  •  When will I am able to download this patch version?

As the norton product providers released this version in phased manner. As of now it is available for some chosen customers for testing purpose and also they shared some information on forum. The official community of norton users is open for this patch’s discussion. And also they avail the date of this patch that when all the norton customers are able to get it for their systems.

  • How can user manually install this updated version?

As of now the patch or new norton security 22.16.4 version only available on the norton LiveUpdate. You need the LiveUpdate and may have to reboot it few times to get the new patch of the norton software in your system.

  •  What are new features released in norton security 22.16.4 version?

The norton products updated lots of security activities to enhance the system protections for user’s sensitive data. Some key features of the norton security 22.16.4 version are:

  1. Many backend changes done by the developers to make sure the software performance enhance and users able to use the better secure version of their software.
  2. Norton UI before the updated version failed to restart after reboot due the missing user session and this bug fixed in this patch.
  3. It performs over install fix for VPN Post configuring Norton Secure VPN, Dashboard UI now comes up with the Setup button, when user clicks on Setup.


All the above information shows that norton product providers released the updated and better version of the software for the users. Also it may become the good experience for the users.

Download norton software from to protect your system now!

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Norton software new 22.16.4 update for Windows is now live!

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