How to speed up your computer using Norton Utilities?

Norton Security is known to use technology advancements to keep you secure in this digital age. In addition, Norton provides award-winning protection which enables you to stop known and emerging threats. There are a wide variety of products offered by Norton from which you can choose one depending on your needs. In order to get all the tools to ramp up your system, Norton Utilities might be a perfect choice. Norton Setup could help to improve your computer’s performance with the use of features mentioned below.


  • Optimize computer’s speed – When you are running resource-demanding apps, you might find it harder to enjoy what you are doing due to constant lag. Thanks to, it could work to optimize your PC’s processing power, memory, and hard drive. This, in turn, enables you to launch any apps while also enjoying smooth gaming, streaming and editing experience.
  • Maintain privacy – The sites that you visit or any activities that you do on the computer creates a digital record on your computer. The visited sites get stored in web history in the browser you use and access folders are also copied to the recent folder. You can fix this with Norton Utilities which could enable you to maintain your digital privacy. It does this by erasing and performing clean up of unusable caches.
  • Remove startup programs – You might have noticed that after pressing the power button, it normally takes a lot of time before you could see the desktop screen. This is due to the programs which are set to launch with Windows startup. These programs are usually called startup programs which might be running without your knowledge. Fortunately, with Norton com Setup, it can help you identify and remove unwanted startup programs which take a lot of memory and slow down your computer.
  • Free up space – Additionally, it could help you free up space on your hard drive mostly occupied by temporary junk files and caches. This, in turn, might allow faster access to programs, even those which require heavy resources. Norton setup can help you to defragment your hard drive and make it easier to organize. The more organized your computer is, the better the PC start to functions. By removing the unused applications, you could free up a lot of space and enhance your computer’s performance.
  • Automated fix – Norton Utilities may help you to clean and speed up your PC by fixing common issues which occur on a daily basis. It can also use advanced cleaning and repair and troubleshoot issues whenever your PC is idle. This, in turn, allows you to get back to your computer while it is all tuned up for you. In addition, it may prevent your computer from getting slowdowns or crashes and instead allow you to run devices smoothly for a longer term.
  • Easy to use – Even with all of these functions, it might be prove to useless for technically challenged users. Fortunately, unlike other programs, Norton Setup has an easy to use interface which allows you to perform all kinds of optimizations for your computer with just one click.
How to speed up your computer using Norton Utilities?

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