Browse in your web using Norton antivirus Isolated mode

Norton antivirus software used to provide the system a shield to make it protected from all kind of online hackers, attacks and system’s viruses and also its advanced optimization tool keep the computing speed of the system’s more productive. It makes web browsing from user’s systems more protecting and it’s real-time working alert the users about suspicious links or urls to keep the searching secure. Norton products timely updates also make software the most preferred cyber security protector. And the latest updated features of the norton software is web browsing using isolated mode. You can choose this mode to keep you system away from the suspicious links and browsing.


Now have a look on the advantages of using norton setup isolated mode are:

Let’s take a look how the suspicious links looks like when you click on the links you get in your emails and find it on the social media postings.

This is how suspicious links looks like and this is how norton antivirus software blocks the links to protect your system from hackers and online attacks before the isolated mode update of the software.

Now if you choose the new web extension of the norton product isolated mode and keep it “ON” in your system. Then, when you click on the software redirects you on the isolated mode using the advanced norton antivirus updated technology. The isolated mode feature norton acquired from the fire-glass and it works perfect for your system advanced protection.

Have a look on the below image to see how it redirects you on the system’s web browsing isolated mode.

There are one more feature named link guard protects you  to visit the suspicious links of the web emails, Facebook, Twitter and they alert you about the unsafe links before clicking on that. This features will provide you extra protection and safe your browsing. This updated feature of make it more demanded in the industry for securing the systems for enhancing the productivity and keeping it safe from all kind of online attacks.

Here below in the image, you can see that how norton antivirus software alerts you about the unsafe links to keeping you away from the online harms and to make your browsing safe.

The more advantages of the link guard and norton antivirus isolated mode are: It keeps the systems away from the heavy internet traffic by blocking the suspicious links and also it make your browsing experience excellent. This features offered by the norton & fireglass protects as the web extension for the users to make it easy to keep in user’s systems.


Now, if you want the isolated web extension in your system, you can find it named norton safe web extension for your Microsoft edge browser and norton safe web extension and Norton Safe Search Standalone extension for your Google chrome browser.

There are more norton software features updating with time to making users more protective and secure for the good web browsing experience. Utilize the norton antivirus software updates and new features to keep your system away from all kind of harms and also you can enhance your computing speed to keep it more faster than before. Make your system cyber protected and stay away from online attacks. – Stay safe and experience excellent web browsing with norton antivirus software for keeping the system working more faster than ever before.

Browse in your web using Norton antivirus Isolated mode

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